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Valet Share need to sign in ngrok

Jan 5, 2022

Now and afterward you need to login for the `valet share` command.

To overcome the issue, first, create an account at ngrok and navigate the auth token page it will provide you a token.

If you are using macOS, then install the ngrok via homebrew.

~ brew install ngrok

After the install, the command `ngrok` will be available globally.

~ ngrok -h

 Will list all possible commands. 

~ ngrok authtoken YOURTOKEN

The above command will store your token in ngrok config. 

Now the `valet share` command will work. 

Region                        United States (us)                                                                                                                                  
Web Interface                                                                                                                                      
Forwarding                    http://a11a-185-191-206-9.ngrok.io -> http://yoursite.test:80                                                                                        
Forwarding                    https://a11a-185-191-206-9.ngrok.io -> http://yoursite.test:80     

and you are done.